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Back for some nostalgia

10 years ago, we were Primary 4.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This has been a 3 years blog liao.... or even longer..

This can only be remembered.... now this blog is dead officially.... but at least there is some precious memories

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2 baddie l0r xia0 bryan

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hallo i have lost my password & username for 5C too bad too sad

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From Kurt,HaHaHa

Thursday, November 16, 2006

my classmates and I went to the NEWater visitor centre today. I learnt alot about water and that it was very precious. there was a tour guide which told us details about water. There were many fun and interesting games which was the most meaningful part of the trip. Ihope to go there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today we went to the NEWater visitor centre and the science centre. We had lots of fun! We learnt how waste water was filtered through a membrane, then reverse osmosis, through UV light to kill off remaining germs and finally water conditioning. Then at the science centre, we got wet at the waterworks. I had the most fun at the waterworks.Well, I'm sure everyone had fun!

NEWater & Science centre

I learnt about saving water and the 4 national taps at NEWater visitor centre.Mr Wong showed us many interesting experiments at the science centre.The best part is when our class went to the WATER WORKS!I wish i can go there again.

Trip to NEWater Visitor Centre and Science Centre

Today, we went to NEWater Visitor Centre and Science Centre. We had a great time there. At the NEWater Visitor Centre, we learnt a lot of things about how used water was treated and and we were also given one bottle of NEWater to drink. When our tour guide asked us whether the water tasted nice, some of them said that it tasted sweet while others said it tasted bitter.

After that, we went to the Science Centre. We went to the Water Works to play and to do a worksheet. We had fun there and we all got ourselves wet. It was my first time there as it was built only recently. I wish I can go there again.

Trip to NEWater Vistor centre and Singapore Science centre(Waterworks)

Today, we went to the NEWater Vistor Centre and the Singapore Science centre. First, we went to the NEWater Visitor centre. There was a tour guide who showed us around the place. We learnt a lot of things there. We learnt how they made NEWater and how the water was made from used water to drinkable water. Each of us even got a bottle of NEWater. After that, we went to the Singapore Science Centre. We went to a room and a man there showed us a few science experiments. The experiments were very interesting. We also went to a place called the "Waterworks". We played with water down there. It was really fun. Then, we went back to school.


trip to NEWater and science center

today we went to NEWater and science center.we learnt alot of things.at the NEWater factory we learnt how they reused water.at the science center we saw some experiments done by the person called Mr Wong. then went to the waterworks and played there.we also learnt other things about water.we played alot and got very wet.after that we returned to school and changed into dry clothes.

By Alicia , Krystin and Alina

Trip to NEWater visitor centre and Science Centre

Today we went to the NEWater visitor centre and Science Centre.It was interesting.We learned how was NEWater created and purified.We were also given free bottles of NEWater.In the Science Centre,we saw many interesting exhibits. Then learn many interesting things from Mr Wong . Lastly,we went into the Water Works and played with the water .Everyone had fun.I love the trip!

By:Si Yun

Trip to NEWater Plant

Today's learning journey trip to the NEWater plant and the Science Centre is very interesting. We had enjoyed the games at the arcade in the NEWater visitor centre. We learnt that the used water must go through 4 stages of purifying before safe drinking. Next we went to the Science Centre, we tried some of the experiments and played some science games. Mr Wong(a person working in the Science Centre) showed us some science experiments with water. Then, we had an enjoyable time playing with water in the waterworks. Although the whole trip was tiring, we had learnt lots of things.


My trip to NEWater was fun and interesting.I learnt about how water was treated.First, the water is sent from houses to a purification centre.Then,it is sent to NEWater centre for more purification-this is where germs and bacteria are removed.If i have a chance i would want to go there again.

NEWater excursion

Have you been to NEWater visitor centre before? Well, on the 16 November 2006, Ms Tay, 4C and I went there. We had tons of fun. Our tour guide, Henry, guided us all around the place. He even gave each and every one of us a bottle of NEWater. Though it tasted weird, we still finished the whole bottle. We even went to the factory where the desalination of the water was held. We really had a TREMENDOUS time over there.

NEWater excursion

Today me and my class went to the NEWater visitor centre.Well how was it you would ask.Here's your answer ,it was FUN.I learnt alot of stuff.There was a tour guide for us.He directed to all the places and information.His name was Henry. When we reached there he gave us a brief speech about NEWater.For your information we also played some games HE HE HE.We also got a bottle of NEWater.I also learnt that the 4 national taps were imported,desalination,natural water body & newater.I wish to go to NEWater visitor centre again.

NEWater Excursion

Today, our class went to NEWater visitor centre. We had lots of fun!! Our guide, Henry brought us around the centre and gave us some information about how the water from reserviors were transfered to the centre and how it was treated. They gave each of us a bottle of NEWater. It tasted quite wierd and Henry said that some of his friends said that it tasted like coconut !! I do not like the taste of NEWater as it tasted a bit bitter to me. I hope to visit NEWater again,

NEWater plant & Science Center visit!!

We went to the visit the NEWater plant and the science center too.................................................

It is the END of school too and most important thing is my dad's birthday...T.T HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO:FRIENDS, BUDDYS, PALS AND TEACHERS

Good Luck and do well in your studies too Best of luck to my bestest FRIENDS

sciece centre and newater visit

The visit
It was great .I liked it very much.We learnt how newater is created and how it was purified. We learnt how to conserve water and the 4 national taps of singapore.Then we went to the science centre and learnt more about water .Last of all, we went to the water works and got wet!

NEWater is a fun place .the doors are all controlled by a remote control..there are game stations there but some r spoilt............ there are many TVs there ..and .....shows.,they show the processes of how ___water become purified water.Next stop , ssc.there are many fascinating exibiits there ..the guy called Mr Wong show us some experiments.Whatta enjoyable experience

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