Thursday, August 31, 2006

Teachers' Day Celebration

I had an awesome time with my dear class today!!!


You were not only spontaneous but also so lovingly well-behaved!

We definitely work well as a team!

-Hall games-

-Class party-

-Special guest appearances-

-Class games-

-Our White Sands Idol from 4A.... Nazurah!!!-

-My home-made cake from the darling gals-


A class photo!!!

Happy holidays and we will strive for better grades in Term 4!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Singapore

White Sands Primary celebrated Singapore's 41st year of independence on Tuesday with a concert and some craftwork in class.

Some of things that I will remember of this celebration are:

1. The White Sands Wave
2. National Education Group quiz that was held in the hall
3. Beautiful flags that 4 Compassionate created. Most of you had put in effort to decorate your flags. Well done!

Happy National Day and hope you all had a good break! :)