Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Great Olypmian(Daley Thompson)

Great Olypmian
Francis Morgan ("Daley") Thompson, born on 30th
July , 1958 ,in London, England, is a former British decathlete.
Thompson won consecutive gold medals at the
1980 and 1984 Olympic Games, and broke the world record for the event four times. His best score in the event was set in the 1984 Olympic competition at 8847 points, a world record that stood for nine years and an Olympic record that stood for 20 years until the Czech athlete Roman Šebrle scored 8893 points in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. He competed for a third Olympic decathlon gold at the 1988 Seoul games, but was severely injured and could only finish fourth. Thompson was the first athlete to hold Olympic, Commonwealth, European and World titles in a single event.
His rivalry with
German athlete Jürgen Hingsen was legendary in the sport throughout the 1980s. The pair consistently traded world records, but Thompson always had the upper hand in the major events, remaining undefeated in all competitions for nine years between 1979 and 1987.
He was a natural showman who endeared himself to the British public with his irreverent personality when he whistled the British
national anthem after receiving his gold medal in 1984. Afterwards, he famously sent a message to friends back home via a TV interview by showing his medal and saying I've got the Big G, boys - the Big G!
Sometimes his behavior caused offence. Once, he refused to carry the flag at the opening ceremony of the
1982 Commonwealth Games, claiming that the effort required participating in the four-and-a-half hour ceremony would reduce his chances of winning this event. He won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award the same year, but it was marred by Thompson uttering an obscenity in his acceptance speech during the live broadcast of the programme. Despite this, he was awarded the OBE in 1983.
Since retiring from
athletics in 1992, Thompson has been associated with various football clubs and also had stints as a television presenter. However, he will always be remembered as one of the world's greatest ever athletes.
International Championship Achievements

Year Tournament Venue Event Result:

1978 Commonwealth Games Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Decathlon 1st

1978 European Championships Prague, Czechoslovakia Decathlon 2nd

Great Olympians

Back in the days before professional basketball players were allowed to compete in the Olympics, Michael Jordan represented the United States at the 1984 Los Angeles Games. As of 2003, he ranked first in NBA history in career scoring average with 30.1 points per game. He was the team's second highest scorer with 14.9 points per game and he had a tournament high 37 steals. When the U.S. defeated Croatia 115-87 in the final, Jordan earned his second Olympic gold medal.

Great Olympian

He was the first man to rank number one in the world at both 400m and 200m in 1996.In 1992,he won a gold medal for 4x400m relay team.He broke a 17 years old record by 19.66 sec for 200m in 1996.He broke a 11 years old record with a time of 43.18 for 400m in 1999.In 2000,he won again for 400m and 200m at the last four world championships.He won 400m and 200m again.In 2004,he won 4x400m again and had won a gold medal.He was the first man to won 400m and 200m twice.In all,he won five gold medals,each in 1992,1996,1999 and 2000.

By Qi Soon

Light Poem

Light has no height
and cannot bite
and the bright,white light
gives us sight,
it cannot fight
like a knight
in the night.
It cannot write
about flight
and fright.
So,this is the criteria
for bright,white light.

By Valavan,Joshua and Qi Soon

Great Olympian

Jesse Owens
On may 25, 1935, Jesse Owens created three world records and tied a fourth at the Big Ten track-and-field meet in Ann Arbor.All in a matter of little over an hour!The American athlete turned in an other record- breaking spell at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.There, he set new world records in the 200 metre run(20.7sec) and the long jump(8.06m).In the 100 metre run ,he tied the Olympic record at 10.3 seconds.to cap it all,he was also in the winning U.S team for the 4x100 relay, breaking the world record with 39.8 seconds.His long jump record stood for 25 years!

Great Olympian

Nadia Comaneci

The Romanian teenager accomplished something that nobody had managed previously-a perfect score of 10 in a gymnastic event at the Olympics!At the 1976 games in Montreal,she received seven perfect 10s as well as three golds,one silver and a bronze.At the 1980 Olympics in Moscow Nadia Elena Comaneci took two gold and two silver medals.In 1981 participating in her last major contest,she won all five gold medals.I inspire her alot as she was the first gymnast to get a perfect score of 10.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My tERm BReAk

Hi ms tay,
ur hairstlye looks great! the third day of the holiday was a monday. we went to the netball carnival 2gether.y u nvr go back to pasir ris wif us...michelle went there now still so fair.....=.="' HEY! i deciding wheather wanna quit maple lei...cuz maple hav many fwenz and i 舍不得 them.now started plaein new game liao. i started after the netball carnival. if u wanna plae then go www.auditionsea.com and downlaod gameclient like maple like that. very nice to plae 的.... dancing game fingering muz fast 1. difficult to train high lvl but very fun.wanna plae?!

My Term Break

During the term break , I enjoyed myself. On Monday , I went to the swimming pool with my father and brother. I did not went overseas as I have tution that one week holiday. On Tuesday, I stay home and do my homework. On Wednesday, my family and I went to watch a movie. On Thursday and Friday, I stay home do my homework and revised some work that my teacher taught us. I wished that the next holiday will come soon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


On Monday, I stayed at home and did one of my test paper which I had not finish. After that, I finish doing all my school homework. That night, my father came home and scolded my brother who is in P6 because he did badly for his exams especially maths. Then he did not allow us to watch TV except at night. On Tuesday, I did one more test paper. After that my mother brought me out shopping. On Wednesday, I did one test paper, then my mother allowed me to go to my friend's house to play and study. On Thursday, I did test paper and had tuition at home. On Friday, I did my test paper and went to my friend's house again.


On the first Sunday of the September holidays I went to Pasir Ris Beach. After having breakfast at the coffeeshop, we took bus 21 to Pasir Ris Beach. When we reach there we rent 3 bikes and cycle around the huge park. Half-way, we saw a girl of my age, she had fallen down and her cheek was red and bruised and her shoulder too!I almost fell off my bike in shock. We cycled on and came to a shelter by the sea-side. We rested there and found a caterpillar on my dad's arm! He flicked it away and we cycled back to the bicycle koisk. We returned the bicyicles and walked to White Sands Shopping Mall's supermarket and bought bread, ham, milk for lunch. Then we went home.

That is my day at Pasir Ris Beach!

Light Poem

Bright Light in the Night, shining on a Night, on a high height. And that Night, a knight began to Fight with Sight, with an armour so Tight. And the Knight started to take Flight to Fight with a Wright with all his Might.

Written by: Benedict Tan, Xin Le, Brendon and Wisely

My Term Break

During my term break, I stayed at home for most of the days except for Sunday,Wednesday and Thursday. On Sunday (3 September), my family and I went to Sentosa.We played all day there and stayed there for a night.It was fun.On Wednesday,I went to my cousin's house.My baby cousin was in a bad mood and she was screaming.It was so horrible.On Thursday morning,I went for a Indian (Hindu) wedding.It was my sister's teacher's wedding.It was an eye opener. When the couple was declared married, we had to throw yellow rice on them as a blessing.For the rest of the day ,we went to the Singapore Zoo by a rented car.There wre lots of animals there.We stayed there from 12.00p.m.-5.55p.m. . The days spent at home were spent on doing compo exercises and pratises.Speaking of all these memories make me think of them.Sigh.......................

By:Gien Si Yun

My Term Break

During the school holidays, it was FUN!And when I say FUN,I mean FUN!..................................................................On Monday,I went to student care and PLAY, PLAY....errrrrrrrr did i say PLAY? I played the computer for hours and hours. I played all day long from Monday to Sunday. Oh Ya I went to Bangkok on 1 September to 3 September. I only enjoy when I went for the tour. When I went to shop, I was only satisfied when we bought food. =)


My term break

During the September holidays, I did not go overseas. It was very boring. On Monday, I went to the biggest and the newest library in Singapore. I borrowed about 14 books to read. On Tuesday, I went to Tampines with my cousins to go shopping.On Wednesday, I went to Expo. On Thursday, my cousins came to my house to play that day was the most fun day. I did not go anywhere on Friday, so I stayed at home and read and read and read......

my team break

While everyone(almost)was playing, it was study time for me.Well until Sunday.On Sunday, I went to my coz house.There i met aunty fair's(maid)sister Aunty France.She was extreme kind.First, we played games.Then we had fruit juice.yum!Then, we eat dinner, rice and chicken with cucumber.the sauce contains sprite.weird!It was nice. Finally, desert was APPLE PIE! (you would find the recipe much later).We played LF2 (little fighter two).I used firzenbecause it was the easiest to control.It was ann exciting holiday!:)


Light is a knight that does what's right
At midnight it rides on a bike.
Without light,we will get a fright and scream
By Alina lam,Si Yun,Krystin

My Term Break

I went to EXPO during my term break. I went to the Food Expo and it was wonderful. There were many people so I had to jostle around. The foods there were delicious. I ate noodles, barbecue pork, nuts, blackpepper chicken and seaweed. I drank the soya ben milk and it was delicious. In my opinion, the Food Expo was not as good as the one in 2004. The on in 2004 was marvellous. I wish I could travell back in time to go to the Food Expo in 2004. I really missed that happy time I had in my life.
My one week break
It is another clean up week.AH-choo!My family clean up the house.
I Sneeze and Sneeze and Sneeze.I get scolded often my sis gets into trouble,my motheralways forgive her.The excuse is :'Her PSLE is coming........Don't disturb her.I went to my gradma house and play.What a GOOD-BAD holiday!!!!!!!

My Term Break

Monday:Go to student care

Tuesday:Stay at home study and play computer

Wednesday: Go East Coat cycle from one end to Bedok Jetty, play sandcastles

Thursday: Go student care

Friday: Stomach-ache:(Stay at home play computer and study again:

Saturday: Tuition and Piano

Sunday: Church. GO and see sunset at East Coast with family

My term break

During the school holidays, I did not do much stuff, but what i did was fun and some of it was boring. I did all my homework before the holidays and I could play after that.
On Monday, I went for a netball carnival from 7am in the morning to 4pm in the afternoon. We won five out of seven matches against the other primary schools. Miss Sarah Tay, the teacher in charge did not follow us back to school after the games as she had to go somewhere else.
After that, my skin got darker. my nose turned red and the skin peeled. But, it was still fun playing netball.
On the other days, I only played computer. But after playing it for sometime, I would begin to feel that it was boring and start doing some assessments and read storybooks. I also watched a lot of television.
Well, that's how I spent my term break. I hope you enjoyed yours too!